Epf Guide

First of All go to the Ski village on your map and enter the Everyday Phoning Facility. when your inside the everyday phoning facility you will see a phone. walk up to the phone and i mean like right in front of it. stand there until a TV Comes Out of the wall.

Then a Target will come out the wall. it looks like this. the next step is really simple. when the target comes out just throw a snowball at the target. Then 2 panels will rise up and 2 Squares red and green will be under the panels.

This is one of the Panels. You start on the green one and run to the red panel as fast as you can!!!! if you get a really fast time you'll do better! then. you will have to hide from 2 cameras!...

Your gotta hide behind a panel to hide from the first camera you just hide behind 1 piller... and for the second camera for more points you need to throw a snowball at the camera... you will get 100 percent in hiding skills.  now for the next one. a blue square will come.. its a trap door space. do not walk on it!!!

They will say walk on the blue space. but do not walk on it. you can if you want... but if you want more points do not walk on it. just throw a snowball at the zapping box thing when its lighting up. you will get more points if you throw a snowball at it straight away instead of walking on the blue square.

Then a door will open. enter the door and your an E.P.F Agent!!! pretty cool huh? you can do Feild ops and if you do feild ops you can get items! and you can play a fun game called system defender. i hope this guide helped you alot and tell me if i should make more guides on stuff!

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